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Full Version: The extension of Sproles
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Just reiterates what we've suspected.

The Eagles are in win now mode.

As such, with an improvement in talent over last year, and the age of some of its best players, we need to win now.

The bar of success this year is at 10 or more wins and a playoff win.

The floor of minimum acceptability is 9 wins just miss the playoffs.

I think we need to adjust our expectations to what management's actions dictate them to be.

No season or two wash. Chip and other recent coaches have won 10 and went to the playoffs year one.

Pedey needs to do the same.
Pederson is the biggest question on the team. Looking at both sides of the ball, assuming solid coaching this team has the potential to win games.

This is an improved team over last year, in talent, schemes and morale. There is an assumption that the coaches will play to the team's talent .. audibles by a reported smart QB, more use of TEs in the passing game, more reliance on less predictable running game, DL pressure, improved DBs. There are holes to be sure, just as with any team. Schwartz should be expected to scheme better than Davis and adjust better .. Pederson needs to be able to do the same.

Dallas has holes on the D and an older, injury concern Romo with an unreliable backup. NY is a question and although Wash is coming off a division title they are a question. The Eagles can be in this if Pederson can coach.
Oh Boy! I can see the 14 - 2 predictions coming in after their first preseason game rolleyes.gif

Make that the first 3 offensive and defensive series of the first preseason game.
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