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Full Version: Eagles Fans Voted 5th best
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Not bad.

Surprised at how low PIT, KC are.
Sorry, mikey, any poll that has Cowboy fans rated #2 is at best flawed.
QUOTE (Zero @ Jul 17 2016, 11:28 AM) *
Sorry, mikey, any poll that has Cowboy fans rated #2 is at best flawed.

Living in Jacksonville, I can attest to the Jaguars' fans being ranked so low. This town doesn't (for the most part) care about them except for right before the season and until they lose a couple of games. Then nobody cares about them. Tickets are easy to get (people just give them away--in fact, Publix used to give tickets away so they would be on TV when Publix was a HUGE sponsor for them).

The Franchise
The guy's a career academic, just a douchebag with 'credentials' that allow him to pass off ridiculous studies as serious. The methodology is retarded, and frankly, nobody who knows crap one about football would take this seriously beyond a quick skim. Chiefs fans at #30? In the trash you go.

At least he got Jacksonville right. tongue.gif

It's hard to really rank fan bases, but you can put them into tiers. We all hate Cowboys fans because of growing up around those who should be Eagles fans but chose the easy way out because they won some rings. However, they DO have a good and loyal fan base in Texas, and most of them denounce front runners around the nation. I still wouldn't put them anywhere near us, or the Packers, Chiefs, Bears, etc.

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