New coaches, new systems and lots of new players. WTF should we expect?

I like it. I wouldn't if it were a returning coach with mostly the same guys, but this is ground zero and we're watching construction that began with demolition in December, excavation in March and the foundation in progress. Some think the architect isn't capable and others question the credentials of the rookie boss.

I'd rather be looking at a successful finished product, but the unknown has it's attraction. This is the Eagles, a team without a championship for 55 years and counting. We know it, the reporters know it ... everyone knows it. Most are conditioned to expect continued failure. I think it's in our DNA or something, but the reality is that each demolition brings hope for change. Ridding the team of Maxwell, Murray, their crippling salaries and their damaging attitudes was a rest stop following three hours of driving on six cups of coffee. Awwwww, that felt good.

It's a start and it seems obvious that a new building doesn't go up overnight. This is going to take some time and watching how it evolves is fun. Interesting that we're not only seeing it with the Eagles, but with the Flyers, Sixers and Phillies ... all at the same time. I don't ever remember this as being a town for front-runners like the people wearing blue stars or overlapping NY on black. For the most part, Philadelphia fans suffer and celebrate with their teams. It's courting time in this city while we get to know the new names, faces and personalities of the players we'll be married to for the next decade.

Philadelphia is rebuilding. I like it.