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Full Version: Review of All NFC East Teams Drafts
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Here they are with team, pick #, Pos, Name, Rank, Value+/Reach( ).

Note those with an **, these represented players that were not on the compilation of the top 221. I recalculated their rank. I only used any prospect that was in the top 150 of any of the 7 sources. I recomputed the ** ranks as if they were in someone's top 150. It makes the picks look like less of a reach.

WAS, 22, WR, Doctson, 22, +1
WAS, 53, OLB, Cravens, 46, +7
WAS, 84, CB, K. Fuller, 55, +29
WAS, 152, DT, Ioannidis, 147, +5
WAS, 187, QB, Sudfield, **187, 0
WAS, 232, ILB, Daniels, 216, +16
WAS, 242, RB, K. Marshall, **193, +49
The Skins are a laughing stock no more. A solid A draft.

NYG, 10, CB, Apple, 32, (22)
NYG, 40, WR, Shepard, 49, (9)
NYG, 71, FS, D. Thompson, 66, +5
NYG, 109, OLB, Goodson, 188, (79)
NYG, 149, RB, Perkins, 94, +55
NYG, 184, TE, J. Adams, 100, +84
Solid draft for a make or break draft for Reese. One reach, one great value, all else in line. I give it a B-

DAL, 4, RB, Elliott, 6, (2)
DAL, 34, OLB, J. Smith, 36, (2)
DAL, 67, DT, M. Collins, 96, (29)
DAL, 101, DE, Tapper, 95, +6
DAL, 135, QB, Prescott, 135, 0
DAL, 189, CB, A. Brown, **209, (20)
DAL, 212, SS, K. Frazier, 202, +10
DAL, 216, RB, D. Jackson, **218, (2)
DAL, 217, TE, R. Gathers, **320, (103) I think this is the hoops player who never played football, correct?
Two one round reaches, one last pick wildcard, all else in line. I give it a C-

PHI, 2, QB, Wentz, 11, (9)
PHI, 79, OG, Seumalo, 136, (57)
PHI, 153, RB, Smallwood, **195, (42)
PHI, 164, OT, Halapou.., **205, (41)
PHI, 196, CB, Countess, **302, (106)
PHI, 233, FS, Mills, 76, +157
PHI, 240, DE, McAllister, **217, +23
PHI, 251, ILB, Walker, **231, +20
Recomputing the rankings helps the last two picks look better. Picks 2-5 are huge reaches. Mills a find. Last two are good value. Mills saved the F. I give it a D

NEPM 2, QB, Wentz, 11, (9)
NEPM 79, WR, B. Miller, 53, +26
NEPM 153, OG, Westerman, 61, +92
NEPM, 164, SS, J. Cash, 67, +97
NEPM, 196, OG, V. Alexander, 90, +106
NEPM, 233, WR, Peake, 105, +128
NEPM, 240, ILB, Wright, 108, +132
NEPM, 251, OG, Turner, 121, +130 Can insert another position here if you think 3 OG is too many.
Grade = A+ of course tongue.gif

I think it shows two things:

#1, unlike the Eagles, the vast majority of the other NFC East teams' picks were significantly more in line with the 7 sources consensus. The Eagles had one 3 round reach, one approx 2 round reach and two 1.5 round reaches. Only the NYG and DAL had reaches more than a round; NYG (1) had a 2 round reach and DAL had a 3 round reach, but in fairness to DAL, they took a flyer on a basketball player who never played football so the reach is understandable.

#2, the Eagles reaches in picks #'s 2 thru 5 were unnecessary. Even if they HAD to have these guys, Howie needed to be able to trade down and get an extra pick for each of these four picks. We depend on Howie to do that. Even if he picks the wrong guys, he normally gets us more picks. More tickets to the lottery. Dropping down a half round for each of our picks 2-5, would have netted us at least one 4th round pick and three 7th round picks assuming no premium. If we found anyone anxious, then the haul would be sweeter. They could have got some decent picks to move down for these guys, and then still had the shot to get 3 of the four later on. Something seemed way off. It just doesn't seem like they were prepared. I'll go with that as opposed to assessing competency.
You really know how to ruin a rainy Sunday. sad.gif
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You really know how to ruin a rainy Sunday. sad.gif


If anyone can recover from my doom and gloom analysis, it is Optimystic.

You'll be over it by dinner!!

BTW, better ruin a rainy Sunday than a sunny Sunday.
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