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Full Version: The Top 8 available draft prospects that met with the Eagles
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Unless a dramatic fall by someone we didn't meet, here are the highest ranked players remaining who met with the Eagles at some point during the scouting process. Remember we have the 79th pick and NO 4th round pick! Their rank in the compilation proceeds the name and their ranking range from the 7 sources follows:

#61 C. Westerman OG Ari State rank range 55-84
#66 D. Thompson FS Boise St. rank range 20-148
#75 N. Vannett TE Ohio St rank range 59-96
#76 J. Mills FS LSU rank range 37-160
#83 J. Hargrave DT43 S, Carolina St. rank range 31-175
#84 L. Caroo WR Rutgers Rank range 56-144
#94 P. Perkins RB UCLA rank range 84-126

interestingly enough, Thompson, Mills and Hargrave are all in the top four in the most volatility of their ranks by the seven sources. You really like a lot less volatility. If all seven have the guy rated in the 75-90 range, then you feel pretty good about it. If the range is 50- 140, then it's a little less certain.

Best available as of pick 60 that didn't meet with Eagles:

#22 A. Billiings DT34 Baylor range 7-37
#35 J. Bullard DE43 Florida range 21-47
#42 C. Cook QB Mich St. range 22-69
#50 V. Bell SS Ohio St. range 29-72
#55 B. Miller Ohio St., range 44-82

I think our 3rd round pick will come from this group.
I like Caroo a lot. Think he's extremely underrated.
Thompson to the NYG sad.gif

Maybe Westerman or Perkins or Caroo??

Miller or Bullard??
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Apr 29 2016, 09:06 PM) *
Thompson to the NYG sad.gif

Maybe Westerman or Perkins or Caroo??

Miller or Bullard??

Nevermind on Bullard sad.gif
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