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Full Version: Screw Wentz and Goff! I think we need to go after Joey Bosa!
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I know I'm going to catch a lot of crap by saying this but ...Think about it for a second... If you had a chance to draft a guy that's going to be as good as Luke Kuechly and has almost identical combine stats as Jj Watt.
Or take a chance on a Qb that most likely won't even start this season and will most likely be a flop. It makes more sense to pickup Joey Bosa. He's the real deal and if we need a Qb we can take a chance on one later in the draft. It's such a waste on a high draft pick to ignore a sure think and instead play the odds risking the NO.2 pick overall for a good Qb which very rarely pans out. You're just as likely to find a quality Qb later in the draft as you are early on. It always makes the most sense to take the sure thing!

Statistically the top QBs are usually the ones taken early.

I don't like the trade up, but QB is the only position that makes sense given the cost of the move.
There are no sure things in the draft...ever. Many sure things turned out to be busts or got hurt and vice versa. It's all (at the end of the day) a crap shoot.
NE Mike or another member actually pulled the success #s for guys in the top 10 or so, those in round 2, etc. While finding an above average QB is difficult, the odds are better for guys in the Top 10.

The good news from the past two SBs is that a team with a very good D and just an above average QB can make it to the big game.

QUOTE (ChipSucks @ Apr 24 2016, 05:42 PM) *
...You're just as likely to find a quality Qb later in the draft as you are early on.
D Rock
I posted last week that since 1965, no QB taken #2 overall has had a winning record for his career, but one. Supa5.
The Franchise
At this point, Howie may as well just troll the shit out of us.

Draft a punter at #2.
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