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Full Version: Draft: I thought the Eagles were middle of the pack at best
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Here's a shocker and a morale boost for this week:
The Philadelphia Eagles have been more successful in the draft than the NFL average since 1996. Their best pick was Donovan McNabb in 1999 and their biggest bust was Jerome McDougle in 2003.

Since 1996, here is how the league stacks up by the average draft value:
1. Pittsburgh Steelers (16.37)
2. Indianapolis Colts (15.27)
3. Green Bay Packers (14.86)
4. Baltimore Ravens (14.71)
5. New England Patriots (14.71)
6. Carolina Panthers (14.31)
7. Jacksonville Jaguars (13.75)
8. Philadelphia Eagles (13.39)
9. New York Jets (13.32)
10. San Diego Chargers (13.18)
11. Cincinnati Bengals (13.13)
12. New Orleans Saints (13.05)
13. Seattle Seahawks (12.92)
14. Minnesota Vikings (12.91)
15. Chicago Bears (12.73)
16. Miami Dolphins (12.69)
17. Dallas Cowboys (12.62)
18. New York Giants (12.53)
19. Atlanta Falcons (12.47)
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12.44)
21. Arizona Cardinals (12.3)
22. Denver Broncos (12.1)
23. Houston Texans (11.96)
24. Kansas City Chiefs (11.71)
25. Washington Redskins (11.7)
26. Tennessee Titans (11.55)
27. San Francisco 49ers (11.29)
28. Detroit Lions (11.1)
29. St. Louis Rams (10.85)
30. Buffalo Bills (10.79)
31. Oakland Raiders (10.66)
32. Cleveland Browns (9.55)
I would have thought 13-16 range myself.

That's a great article. I will read it more later.

It shows the crap shoot the draft is.

It always fascinates me how much teams rely on the draft as opposed to FA.

Draft this, draft that.

Draft results say it's a huge gamble.

Excuse me while I go back to my,................

You guessed it, draft analysis!! biggrin.gif
I'm surprised at that.

The hopeful part is that there are a couple of successful teams that are in the bottom third, including the SB champs.

If the Eagles are to be successful in the next five years they will have to pick the right mid-level FAs to fill holes and add depth. If they are not successful, they won't attract a few high level FAs they will need to replace successful veterans such as Peters, Sproles, Barwin.

QUOTE (Zero @ Apr 23 2016, 08:20 AM) *
Here's a shocker and a morale boost for this week:

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