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Full Version: Would you have done the deal?
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C'mon people.

Chime in!!
I would have done was the FO did. I have no problems with the trade. I hope that Bradford sticks around for the season and has a productive that some QB hungry team gobbles him up in a lopsided trade (like happened with ARI for Kolb).

I don't much care which of the two they draft.

I like the idea of having the rookie ride the pine for the season while being taught and mentored by our QB coaches. I would like to see him brought along slowly and developed in a fashion that is good for the long term and not thrown into action because people "want to see what he's got".
1. I would not have done the deal as is. I value the picks more than rolling the dice on two QBs who just happen to fall at the top of this years draft class. That being said, its completely possible to HATE this trade (which I do), while simultaneously be a bit excited. With the trade, the chance that the franchise qb is on the team is at
least > 0. I have no clue how Wentz will turn out and am frankly pretty pessimistic, but the sheer fact that the probability is now greater than 0 (however remote it may be) is worth getting at least a little excited over.

2. I think they'll trade Bradford, hopefully for a 2nd, but would expect to get a 3rd or worse because Eagles. Plus if they trade him after his bonus is paid on June 1 they get like 7M back on the cap. Howie can just front like he wont be traded and stand pat until June 1 and expect a call from Denver or maybe someone like the Jets.
No - just cause Wentz is such a question mark.
Wentz - cause he looks the part. Goff may turn out to be great, but he reminds me too much of a lot of air raid guys who have failed. And too much of Bradford.
Yes - cause trading him now doesn't make sense.
Yes ... no risk = no progress
Either ... because I don't know crap about player evaluation although I prefer Wentz for his size and athleticism
Yes ... Bradford has more potential value for the Eagles if they keep him. If he's pissed, motivated to prove his original draft status and stays healthy, bidding could bring the Eagles a nice return. If he gets hurt it will prove the deal was at least in part well conceived and justified.
No, it was too expensive

Either, as long as he plays at a McNabb level rather than Couch or Smith.

Bradford will stay, because no-one else made a serious move for him before he signed to stay here. I'm hoping he plays well and Phits scenario of the Kolb-style trade comes to pass. At least that way we'll have traded a mid/late first next year to gain a QB and a second, because if Bradford struggles and we lose a 2017 top ten pick I'll be going apeshit.
D Rock
No. Too costly for too large a gamble IMO.

That said, now that it's done...

I prefer Wentz only because I've heard Goff referred to as a "slightly less dickish" version of Jay Cutler. No Thanks.

Also, now that it's done, I try like hell to trade Sam to get back some draft ammo. I find it hard to believe that we couldn't get a 2nd or 3rd out of Denver or Houston. The Jets could be in play too.

Let Wentz learn under Daniels who knows the system better than Sam at this point.

For the record, I would have been just fine with sticking at #8 taking BPA and rolling with Sam.
Are you serious?

The biggest draft day trade ever and we only get 9 people to vote.

That's weak!!

Reality Fan
I refuse to participate....there is no WTF just happened
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