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Full Version: Us and Wheezie, Moving on Up
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#1 = 3000
#8 = 1400

1,600 trade points needed for the move up:

2017 1st = 1000
2017 2nd = 430
2016 3rd (#77) = 205
Total = 1,635

Take back:

Tenn 5th (1st in round) = 35

Net 1,600


Instead of giving them next years 1st, trade Cox and keep the 1st.

Anyone signing up for either?

If CLE is locked in at QB at #2 (which I think is happening), then you may have to out bid SF and LA to get to #1. And the kicker? Our 2nd round pick that LA has more than closes the gap between their #15 and our #8.

So they could take the 2nd we gave them, plus the same package that we offer and be right in it. sad.gif

We'll see. Should be interesting.

I think it is too rich for my blood. I'd move to #3, which would allow us to keep a 2nd and 3rd. #1 is too expensive, although I wouldn't complain too bad. #2 isn't taking offers. #4 is Dal. #5 won't matter, IMO.
I'm not excited about moving up at all. I'd love Goff to fall to us but I'm not even excited about Wentz. There's too much unknown about him to risk the cost. Keep the odds as good as you can, either stay at 8 or move down to get more. Stay is my choice and take a difference maker if there is one. The FA has filled a lot of holes with solid, not spectacular players.

So, the answer is no.
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