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Full Version: Six Years Consolidated QB draft prospect rankings
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From 2011 - 2016, here are two guys slants on where the current top 2 QB's are graded among those drafted in that period. Watch the video also for some discussion.

Jeremiah has them 7th and 8th of 10
Charles Davis has them 8th and 9th.

If these are true, do you do a trade up?

Looking at my draft compilations of ratings and rankings that I do every year, I had them 6th and 7th, in pre draft gradings behind:

1. Luck
3. Newton
4. Winston
5. Mariotta

6. Wentz
7. Goff

But ahead of:

8. Bortles
9. Bridgewater
10. Manziel

I think I go for it. Sure they could be RGIII or Manziel, but for the most part, that's good company. Maybe in our situation where we have QB's out the wazoo, maybe sitting a year increases the likelihood of success.

Not to be a smart ass, but this is where scouts make their money. I don't know anything but what I read and hear pundits tell us and the problem there is that those guys get paid to sell, not to be right. So it all depends on what the scouts say and how the inner sanctum views team building, specifically for their team.

I forget the timing, but I think Bradford was signed after the trade with Miami ... I know Daniel was signed after. The scouts knew what they thought of Wentz and Goff before any of that happened. Either they don't think their chances of landing one of the two are reasonable or they don't think either is the QB they want. A third, less likely option is an elaborate arrangement to throw everyone off ... a deal with Bradford and Denver to trade him after they draft Wentz or Goff ... I forget the date that relieves the team from any cap hit if he's traded. Daniel becomes the place holder starter, Bradford goes to Denver in exchange for #31.

I still don't trade up.
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