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Full Version: Move up for Wentz?
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Cleveland has the second pick and Tennessee doesn't need a QB. Cleveland signs RG3 for two years. It would be hard to regard him as a "mentor" type of player and the Browns have McCown but reportedly are trying to trade him. McCown would be a decent placeholder. Hue Jackson is regarded as a QB whisperer and loves RG3.

Why did the Browns sign RG3 if they planned to draft Wentz or Goff? If they don't plan to draft Wentz or Goff it would seem to mean they don't think either would be as good as RG3. Would you want RG3 to be QB for the Eagles? Would you want Jackson to be coach of the Eagles? Is the rumor connecting the Eagles to a move up for Wentz a smoke screen?
Nobody knows if the Eagles see either of them as franchise QB worthy of a top six pick, which is what it seems to take to get one of them.

It could be that Howie really does see only 8-10 top tier players in this draft and that's why he moved up.

It could be that he really wants to trade down and get that 2nd rounder back and thought (probably correctly) that if he moved up to #8 in the 1st round rather than just take MIA's 2nd as return for the Maxwell/Alonso trade, he could then sell the trade down for a better return than MIA 2nd. I think that's a strong possibility.

Maybe doing it this way, he leaves both doors open. Maybe he thinks, like many do, that there are only 4-5 top tier guys, and that staying at 8 to begin the draft, he can see if one of those fall to us and if not, trade down.

If he doesn't think the QB's are worthy, then fine, don't do it.

But if he does, the cost of doing so this year, is lower than it will likely be at any time that Pederson is our coach. If we're drafting this high again, it is likely after a colossal failure and probable ouster of Doug as coach and maybe even Roseman with him. If you have strong doubts on Bradford being the top 15 QB needed to win a SB, and the terms of his contract will seem to point to that being the case, then you need to go up and get one of them now. You can't rest your future on the 13% chance that a QB drafted after #76 will turn out to be that QB. Also, very few expect much from this team this year. The timing is right to bury a 1st round pick behind a clipboard. Move up and at least draft a QB in a range where 53% of them come from, a top 8 pick.

One thing that makes a move up a little curious. What was the agreement with Bradford and how honest were both sides when they signed the deal? How do you look him in the eye if you do it? Maybe the same way you look at him after you gave a "backup" $12M guaranteed and a longer term than the starter. That part is strange to me, but no stranger than what they gave Daniels.

Good for message board chatter for sure.

Whatever they do, don't waste a pick this year on a QB in the 3rd or lower rounds. If you want to do that, do that next year, when you have a 2nd round pick, so if you take a QB in the 1st, you at least will have a fall back 2nd rounder to stil get starter talent.

FWIW, Wentz absolutely killed it in his pro day and his meetings.

Could be.......................................
They can have a different view of Wentz than the Browns and think he's worth the cost to move up. But as you point out, the Bradford/Daniel signings don't fit the move.

This is supposed to be a deep draft for developmental QB talent. Prescott and Driscoll are a couple of examples. Third string QBs who could evolve into solid starters with coaching without any pressure to start and win now. Like growing in the minors.
Reality Fan
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Mar 26 2016, 08:15 PM) *
FWIW, Wentz absolutely killed it in his pro day and his meetings.

Could be.......................................

except for the wet ball 7 yard pass he threw 5 yards...and yes...I watched his Pro Day..and 3 of the next 4 passes were not pretty
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