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Full Version: The TOB isn't the least but obsessed with us.
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See, they hardly even think about us.

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I wonder if the TOB talks about Eagles football anymore or have they switched missions?
I don't mean to bring up the topic of TOB. I know that it is a bit of an issue for many on here. I still read TOB and I have been following a thread there closely. I think somebody here on this board can expect a turkey carcass in the mail soon.
Sane people wouldn't put this much effort into something so tivial as a message board. But I remember a bum who lived in a cardboard box behind the Penn Fruit on Lehigh Avenue in Philly. As kids, we used to tease him because we knew he would defend his box like it was a castle. At times like this, I can't help but associate the TOB with Gus and their message board with the cardboard box.
Bocadelphia Eagles John
The animosity after all this time is indicative of the very nature of the core group over there, mainly IG, Diggle, IE, OB. They just can't seem to let it go, have a sick need to harbor the resentments, take those resentments much farther than is necessary and use it as their male bonding mantra.

The truly odd thing is, they got what they asked for so I imagine they really are pissed at themselves and not us. Except they are too cowardly to admit that it's Igglephonies Sucks, not us. If there had been no groundswell to ban you know whom, none of this would ever have happened.

For a bunch of guys (mostly), they sure act like catty scorned women.

Fuck em (the core group I mean).
You can add to that list their blind support of TO. He is pissed at himself, and they are pissed at themselves. Its some sort of a narcissitic complex they have in common.
I don't know who any of those people are, or what the TOB is,

but that's pretty pathetic.
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