I'll take Carroll at a reasonable rate.

We don't need more DL's in FA's.

Can't believe we only have one shitty WR on the wish list. What is up with that?

Maybe there's hope:

And there's more to come, as King wrote.

What Roseman still wants to do is to find a receiver with deep speed. And he’d love to get burgeoning star Fletcher Cox signed long-term. But what he’s done so far is, well, a lot.

“What sticks out to me,” Roseman said, “is how happy our players have been when we sign them. [Tight end] Brent Celek told me when his agent told him the deal got done, he had tears in his eyes. Sam Bradford told me, ‘I’m so fired up! I told my agent I wanted this done three days ago!’ [Defensive end] Vinny Curry grew up an Eagles fan; this is home for him. So that’s something I’m really pleased about—we have a core of players who really want to be here.”