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Full Version: A followup
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Nabby posted about Andy and the Chiefs losing picks for tampering with Maclin. Why am I the only one who seems upset by this?

It's not just the tampering, I'm sure that happens more frequently than we hear about. But obviously this time it was blatant enough for the league to take action by penalizing them picks. I like that there is an attempt at accountability but I don't get why the team that was cheated doesn't get the proceeds. Yes, it's the Eagles but the guy who is the victim should get some compensation. If they're taking a third from them, doesn't it make sense to give it to the guy who lost the player?

I also understand that Chip was passive throughout. It doesn't matter. If the NFL thought that KC was guilty enough to punish them the victim should get something in return. Those picks are just flushed away while according the NFL a team lost a player due to a rule violation. Really?
There is a precedent for the team that was tampered with benefitting from the penalties. I'm not sure why that isn't the case here.

Example 1

Example 2
Well, WTF! I wonder if the Eagles are appealing also.
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