Leaving the FA signings out of it for now as I need time to digest them, one thing we can wrap up is the draft pick haul we got for trading Dewey, Hughie and Lewey.

The trade of Maxwell and Alonso to Miami, got us the move up from #13 to #8. Trade value chart it is a move of 250 points, which is the equivalent of pick #68, the 5th pick of the 3rd round. Hold that thought for a minute.

He trades Murray to TEN, for a swap of 4th round picks which end up moving us up 13 slots in the 4th round, a move worth 38 points, which is the equivalent of the 8th pick of the 5th round. Hold that thought.

For Maxwell and Alonso, we freed up 5.9M of cap room and 9.5M of cash!!

For Murray, we freed up 4.0M of cap and 7.0M of cash.

Maxwell and Alonso to MIA for a high 3rd and 5.9M of cap and/or 9.5M of cash.

Murray to TEN for a high 5th and 4.0M of cap and/or 7.0M of cash.

Add to the equation that normally when you move up at the top of the 1st round from 8 to 13 you pay a premium. Many times that premium can be another high draft pick, like a 3rd or 4th round sweetener. WE DIDN'T PAY NO STINKIN PREMIUM!!!

The above was much higher than I and others expected. I estimated the Maxwell-Alonso deal would net us a high 4th and the Murray a mid 5th. We got a high 3rd and a high 5th and that doesn't consider any premium to move up in top of round 1 !!

Kudos to Howie for these trades. He gets the golden pocket protector!! When we add to this what we spent our FA money on, it will be a landslide success for Don Howie. He took the Tattaglia Family to the cleaners!!