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Full Version: Congratulations to xsv
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The ~Stranger~
Dude, you have climbed so far into some of the igglephag’s heads that they actually made this board the focal point of their tailGAYte, LOL.

I am betting you have some of their heads so fucked up that the first thing they think about when they wake up in the morning, and the last thing they think about when they lay their heads down on the pillow at night is this board, LOL.

I thought some of them were just your basic immature fucks, but they are much worse than that.

Man, they are so fucking pathetic it is laughable.

Dude, you fucking own them.
That is HILARIOUS!!!!!! We really need to quit making them the butt of jokes, though, it's like taking candy from a baby...
Thanks, but it wasn't my idea.

I'm a PROGRAMMER. I write code. There's a link in my signature that will testify to how I like to spend my free time.

Seriously, I couldn't give less of a crap about some assholes I left behind a few years ago. I guess I should be flattered that they miss me, but I'm not.

They get all excited about this stuff, but they had the same 20 or so at their tailgate they had the year before, it's basically the same group of people with a couple newcomers. Which is fine, they're happy with their "circle jerk," we're happy with our "Wangnutz" family.

It's all kinda silly, except Jesus IE is still bitching about Judas XSV and his french kiss. And the disciples won't let it go, 'cause they're tired at looking at each other over the grill at the last tailgate, and wanted the multitudes to sit at their feet (not to mention a few Marys with oil to properly anoint them). To me, it all sounds suspiciously like a cult, of course, if they could have gotten a hundred or so to show up at the tailgate, they could declare themselves a religion, but unfortunately most of the "members" are duplicate identities - and they don't have the technology to clone themselves.
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