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Tomorrow is the "legal tampering" period, which means there will be deals done tomorrow but not signed until Wednesday.

Looking at Positions of Need in Free Agency here are some that are top 99 and could be of interest, and when available, the estimated contract for their market value based on Spotrac's analysis. I list the FA rank in ()

(31) M. Jones, 4 yrs 22.1M
(46) T. Benjamin, 4 yrs, 17.5M
(55) Boldin
(63) M. Sanu, 4 yrs, 17.2M
(66) R. Matthews
(67) J. Kearse, 4 yrs, 19.0M

(3) K. Osemele
(29) A. Boone, 3 yrs, 8.0M
(53) Incognito 2 yrs, 10.0M
(56) R. Foster
(61) B. Brooks, 5 yrs, 40.0M
(62) E. Mathis
(68) J. Evans

(8) E. Weddle, 2 yrs, 13.8M
(22) R. Nelson, 4 yrs, 19.3M
(24) G. Iloka, 4 yrs, 22.5M
(37) W. Thurmond

(10) J. Jenkins, 5 yrs, 52.5M
(14) S. Smith, 5 yrs, 40.2M
(20) P. Amukamara
(86) N. Carroll

I don't think we can afford to go big $ for CB and S, so Thurmond and Carroll should come cheap enough.

On the good side, 3.5M of cap each should land a solid starting WR and OG.

On WR, it seems like 4 yrs, 18M including a $6M SB with a 3.0M cap hit, should get it done for someone like Sanu, Benjamin and maybe Kearse.

Looks like OG will cost about a $4M cap, but combined for the two, we should have room for the $7.0M combined.

A combined $5M of cap should do the deal for Carroll and Thurmond.

I'm curious as to why they don't seem to want Thurmond back.

Get four FA's from this bunch and then we've actually improved our team heading into the draft.
Reality Fan
I am surprised that you think Carrol and Thurmond will only get a combined 5 million......have you not heard Thurmond talk?

He is looking for some cash.....he might want 5 by himself...
Thurmond probably wants to return the higher compensated CB and the Eagles probably want him to stay at S.
Doh, I was gonna have you pick up a loaf of bread.
QUOTE (nd9kel @ Mar 7 2016, 08:50 PM) *
Doh, I was gonna have you pick up a loaf of bread.

They'd only forget the bread and get you a good beer instead.
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