Okay! Okay! So I called my friend "Snowman" "Sandman" (would you believe three phucking times! SO SOLLY, CARL!

Okay, so ya wuz also the last to know about my possible "terminal" sitchyashun! Is all that botherin ya, BunKy?

Well, podner, take a tip from the OTB members and TRY to be gentle with me, Okay?

After all, I wuz born the year before Lindbergh flew the Atlantic, fer crissakes! And a whole helluva lotta booze trickled through my ample gut and parked permanently up there in my "low end of the gene pool" brain.


And NorEaster, if ya happen to read this here junk ... I appreciate yer response to my "atta boy" fer yer Directory work, and then I see that the phuckin thing is dated August, and I STILL ain't on the gawdam thang!

Guess you HATE lil, old Pine Grove, Pa. - notwithstanding it's glorious history: its 2700 citizens participated in every phucking war this here country wuz involved in (including the French & Indian massacres of 1753); had a WWII "ace" who shot down four ME109's in ONE day; had a Pulitzer Prize author (Conrad Richter) who wuz also the self-acknowledged mentor fer David McCullough; and has a living, breathing member (Richard Wheeler) of the 45-man Marine platoon which planted the FIRST flag on Iwo Jima's Mount Suribachi. (Only NINE members made it to the summit!). He wrote the definitive history of that battle, "IWO", and has also published sixteen volumes of Civil War history, including the Gettysburg Museum's perennial best seller, "Voices of Gettysburg". SO THERE!

But REALLY alla that is just incidental trivia juxtaposed with MY OWN exalted residence here, albeit in my forty-five year-old wheeled grotto in "Woody's Veterans Vista By the Sweety" on Trailertrash Blvd.

Soooo .... get with the phucking PROGRAM!

Yers in incredible disbelief!

'goo ac6.gif hunch.gif devil03.gif