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Full Version: A closer look at Sam Bradford's contract
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Bradford's salary cap number in 2016 is $12,500,000, which is actually down from his total of $12,985,000 a year ago. In the short term, Bradford's seemingly modest figure (at least in terms of what many thought he'd make, not necessarily what he's actually worth) will allow the Eagles to spend in free agency if there are players that interest them. The Eagles' salary cap in 2016 is now estimated at $18.6 million, which gives them flexibility.

Of course, there's a reason his number in 2016 is so low. In 2017, Bradford's cap number jumps way up to $23,500,000. That is absolutely not a palatable figure. So what does that mean for the 2017 offseason:

1: If Bradford has a good season in 2016, because that $23.5 million figure is so high, he will hold leverage in talks for a longer-term deal, which will not come cheap.

2: If Bradford is bad and the Eagles wish to release him, they will incur a cap hit of $9.5 million in "dead money." That is an awful lot of money going completely to waste if Bradford does not progress in his second year with the team. The Eagles would be forced to part ways while getting nothing in return, after having paid him $22 million for a bad season.

3: If the Eagles draft a quarterback and believe he'll be ready to be "the guy" for the 2017 season and Bradford has another average season, his contract wouldn't be a definitive impediment for a trade. In that scenario, the Eagles would incur a less devastating "dead money" hit of $5.5 million, with Bradford's new team taking on his $14 million salary and $4 million roster bonus in 2017.

Reality Fan
Thanks Phits.....he has some valid concerns....
I LOVE this closer look!!!!

Total Value: $36,000,000 (14th highest of 81 QB contracts)
$18,000,000 APY, $22,000,000 fully guaranteed

There's that $36M deal, with the details to add up to $36M !!!

Much better than that $35M deal reported yesterday, you see because $36/2 = $18.

A nice number. Much nicer than $17.5 doncha think??

So why would Sam agree to take a pay cut this year? Most commentators seemed to think he would make at least $15mil.

Is it that Sam sees this year as another "contract year" and so wants the Eagles to add FA talent on O to help him showcase himself?

The Eagles have to draft the Right OT of the future this year and use a fairly high pick in order to expect the person to be ready to start next year.

J Peters' cap hit in two years will be around $10 mil, correct? Clearing that would give them the flexibility to pay Sam a Franchise-tag-like number, or more likely, give him a raise as a part of a longer term deal.

Bradford's salary cap number in 2016 is $12,500,000, which is actually down from... a year ago. ... will allow the Eagles to spend in free agency...
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