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Full Version: Interesting Tidbits About the Bradford Negotiations
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Sal Pal was on 97.5 today and said that the key factor that brought the two sides together was the combine performances of Goff and Wentz at the combine.

From the Eagles standpoint, they realized that they weren't going to get either at #13 and likely didn't have enough ammo to move up to get one. Also, Lynch didn't fare well making him not a reasonable choice at #13.

From Bradford's standpoint, it gave teams two legit NFL prospects to have hope of getting and if a team could get either of them, they'd have no use for Bradford's services.

As Hank the Miner 49er said in Scooby Doo when he was outed by the gang "I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids!!"

Sal Pal also said how genuine Pederson has come off and he had a great talk with Bradford that changed the negotiations for the "better?"

While I wasn't thrilled with the Pederson hire and do not look forward to his on the job training as a play caller, he has come across real well overall as a guy in charge. Very genuine, commands the conversation, looks the part.

Reality Fan
Was Sal Pal drunk again?

Used to love the guy years ago but his star has faded...I honestly think he was loaded for an interview a few weeks back
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