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Reading this and just watching how DPede is handling himself since his initial underwhelming presser, I'm getting hope. There's still quite a lot for to do to prove he belongs as a HC and isn't the product of some kind of good ole boy nepotism, but so far there's not too much to be critical of.
"Our first year in Kansas City with coach Reid, we tried to have some of that mentality where we’re going to make the people fit what we do. That was a big mistake," Pederson told reporters at the NFL Combine on Wednesday. "We learned to adapt to the players around us.

"We learned to listen to guys like Alex Smith. We learned to listen to the Justin Houston’s and Tamba Hali’s and Eric Berry’s, and utilize their strengths and weaknesses to help our football team as a whole. You can’t put yourself in a box that way. By no means do I want to put our roster in a box. As coaches, I want us thinking outside of the box. Challenge yourself every week to, not necessarily reinvent the wheel, but utilize our talent and strengths to help us win games.”
The Franchise
To say he's the beneficiary of nepotism isn't fair IMO - he had a long career as backup QB to some great ones, and has spent a reasonable amount of time moving up the coaching ladder.
The fact that Andy was still using the square peg round hole approach in year 15 of his coaching career speaks volumes.

My guess is that Childress had something to do with it.

He always wanted Andy to run more and he finally has.

I like the way Pederson handles himself.

He looks the part.

He looks old enough to buy beer when out of town which could come in handy for Howie.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Feb 25 2016, 08:31 PM) *
He looks old enough to buy beer when out of town which could come in handy for Howie.
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