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Full Version: Eyrie's Wet Dream Of A Draft
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They update this thing all of the time so I'm sure it will change.

Click on the other rounds and look on the bottom of each round to see all of the trades.

'Nabby, Hack as a late 4th rounder?? I got to think he goes no further than bottom of 3rd, no?

This is why knowledge of draft expectations is key because maybe if they think Wentz and Lynch will be there at 13 we don't sign Sam??
What're the odds that they find a way up into the second round? This is where Roseman has shown real talent ... trading, moving, gauging value. Where he's had trouble is forcing things to fill needs. If he's operating on the information provided by his scouts, the football people, it looks like he can have success.

2012: Cox, Kendricks, Curry, Foles and Boykin. 2013: Johnson, Ertz, Logan and Barkley.

Then, 2011: Watkins, Jarrett, Marsh, Matthews, Henery. Roseman's had his bad and his good. Watkins vs. Cox. Has Howie learned his lesson from being part of the Dream Team nightmares and forcing picks for need in seasons that the organization apparently thought was really close? I doubt the team views this as a must win year, so I'd say the chances of having a good draft are increased because there should be no pressure to draft for need in place of BPA.
Hmmm, let's see ....

QB, -, LT & G, DE, RT & WR, RB, FS & OLB.

Got to be happy with three OL, although I'd prefer LB to DE in round 4.
Well, at least you guy's picks make sense.

If we use the #4 pick to get a wide receiver. that distant boom you guys will hear will be me putting my head through the desk in front of me.
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