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Full Version: A few concerns over the new contracts and approach
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First, kudos to Jeffrey for putting up the cash and Howie for getting the deals done on our latest extensions. That is admirable.

Celek is a fan favorite.

Ertz and Johnson up and comers.

As long as these guys put forth the effort and don't go down hill like some guys in years past, long term we should be OK and they should be considered worthwhile investments. Ertz and Johnson s/b no question, Celek, we'll see, but if you are going to designate a guy to retire an Eagle, then he's as worthy as any Eagle we've drafted.

However, one of the objectives in signing long term deals is to free up cap space. While it may help in the long term, from the latest published info, they are taking a hit in the short term.

Johnson's new deal is a $2.0M bigger cap hit in '16 than his old deal.
Ertz's new deal is a 1.5M bigger cap hit in '16 than his old deal.
Celek's deal, as published is the same 5.0M cap hit as it was pre-new deal.

So, the combined impact of the three is we have 3.5M LESS cap space than we did.

Does this mean they are not going to pursue Bradford?
Does it mean they are interested, but will not franchise him and instead sign him to a lucrative wings and beer deal?
Does it mean there is a huge cut coming (Peters)?
Does it mean we are out of the FA market for WR and OG we speculated about?
Does it mean that we're going where we haven't gone before; way past the Lurie cap limit?

They can save some serious cap with Cox new deal as he counts as 7.8M right now. I counted on 3.3M pickup in my "budget". However, Vinnie is a FA, and as such is not counted in the numbers now and any deal we do, will be a cap hit versus what we have now. My analysis has this budgeted for 4.0M which should cover it.

But I didn't have a net cap loss of 3.5M for the Ertz, Johnson and Celek deals. In a year when every penny counts, that can hurt.

On other concern: CASH.

Jeffrey is putting out tons of cash in signing these new deals. Common sense tells us that there is a CASH limit somewhere. If we assume Cox and Curry get done, then there is more cash for those deals. Coming off a year where we paid a shit load of cash for the new deals we gave Maxwell and Murray, how much is in the till? Does it preclude cash availability for Bradford, either franchise or long term?

Adam Caplan mentioned something that I never thought about, but that makes sense if you think about it.

NFL rules require teams to put any signing bonus or guaranteed salary money in escrow when a deal is signed. There are some rare exceptions where agents and players will agree to deferred non escrowed money, but then they are on the hook if a team or league does the unthinkable and goes broke. So if a guy signs a contract with a 10M SB and another $10M of salary guaranteed, team escrows $20M at contract signing! Ouch! What limit does Jeffrey have? With Cox and Curry left to come, how much cash can be left to be able to put in escrow for those deals PLUS Bradford and maybe a FA or two?

We''ll see, but there should be a concern for fans of a Bradford and/or FA OG and WR signings.

NEPM just doing what I do, pissing on your Wheaties, raining on your parade, keeping with the Axis creed.................
Reality Fan
Maybe they are out of the Bradford market which would be devastating to Bradford...this would also explain why the rumors of Bradford signing a one year "show me" contract are surfacing..
Sorry, a forgot the link

Just click on the player and you will see the new deal by year and further down the page is the old deal by year with the #'s crossed out.
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