Interesting. I wonder if Kelly wouldn't have been better off coming into the league as an OC ... obviously, not financially, but to learn about the differences. This year seemed like he didn't know how to motivate the team and keep them focused during a game.
Johnson felt the real crash came late – against Washington at Lincoln Financial Field. After scoring on their first drive, the Eagles became listless in a 38-24 loss on Dec. 26. It spelled the nadir for Kelly and signaled the beginning of a rebuilding process – Johnson’s second time around with the Eagles, since Kelly took over a 4-12 team in 2013.

“Washington doesn’t have more talent than us, that’s what was disappointing going against those guys the previous two years, being physical with them,” Johnson said. “We did some good things. Whenever we needed to make a play, we didn’t. We just wanted to get in the playoffs. It was the players not making plays.”

On Tuesday, Dec. 29, he was napping when a flood of text messages from teammates arrived informing him Kelly was fired.
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