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Full Version: Pederson the mom
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Here's another perspective of Pederson ...

There are great QBs who take teams to another level with the combination of skill and leadership. And, there are QBs who will win with the famous "game management." The first is rare and hard to find, so many teams strike out trying to find THAT guy. Think Brady, Manning or Montana vs Dilfer, Johnson or Plunkett.

The odds of winning are greater with the better players but so are the odds of finding them. Kelly was that hire, Pederson is the game manager. It's hard to find a beautiful woman with a great body who will be a good wife and good mother. The Eagles married the plain Jane who will put family over self and raise successful children with high character.

Pederson certainly isn't the glamorous choice, but the safe hire could be a lot better than another miss. I'd like to have seen a stronger OC hire, but the other two coordinators are solid choices, and it looks like the rest of the staff may be pretty good too. The key to the success of the game manager idea is getting the right talent for good coaches to develop.

Tick ... tock.
I've heard that a first time coach (and former player) usually models his coaching style after coaches he's player for. That said, Pederson played for Don Shula, Mike Holgren and Andy Reid. That's not a bad long as he doesn't inherit Andy's clock management.
How long before Pederson the Mom becomes Pederson the Mother f#$ker?? biggrin.gif
Reality Fan
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Jan 26 2016, 08:39 PM) *
How long before Pederson the Mom becomes Pederson the Mother f#$ker?? biggrin.gif

well done my friend...well done bowdown.gif
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