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Full Version: Funny story by Trotter
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I really made an ultimatum for myself, I shouldnt have done it. I told the guys in the car, I said, yall mark my words, Im tired of trying to make peace with this guy. If he says one more word to me, yall mark what I say, Im gonna put him to sleep. Just like that. And the guys, they were still cracking jokes, they didnt really think about it. They didnt realize how serious I was.

So, we get into meetings. The way they got meetings set up is dividers defensive linemen in one room, defensive backs in another room, and we are in our room. And we get to the play. Now Jaws Edwards could have prevented the whole situation if he had just skipped over the play. But we got to the play, and Jaws was like, Trot, man. You and L.A. were a team, we gotta stick together. Once Trot makes the call, its not the safetys job to come change it.

So Im sitting in the front row. Its me on the left side, Jessie Armstead in the middle, and LaVar Arrington on the right side. And when the coach said that, he [Arrington] said, No, f that! I want everybody to see he dont know what the f he doing! So I didnt say nothing. I just leaned over and looked at him. And I wouldve let that one slide. But, Jaws was like, No, no, its just the middle linebackers job to make the call and roll with it. And [Arrington] got even louder. I guess he took my kindness for my weakness. No, f that! He just started getting crazy. So, I stood up and as Im standing up, Im talking out loud Im through playing. I aint talking no more but Im talking out loud to myself. I think Im saying it in my head, but Im actually talking out loud. So I stood up and I pushed the chair back, and when he stood up he lunged and swung at me. And when he did, I faded and caught him with an overhand right. Yeah, he was out. You ever see a boxer fall? When he hit the table, he kind of came back. At that time, I just blanked out, so I was going in.
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Thanks for the link. That sounds like Trot.

Unfortunately that brings back bad memories. The loss of Trot might have cost the Eagles a deeper run that season.

That's what can happen in free agency if someone wants to overpay. I expect it to happen this year with Bradford.

QUOTE (Zero @ Jan 23 2016, 06:31 AM) *
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Love the Axe Man.

After Dawk, my next favorite Eagle.

He put him to sleep!
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