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Full Version: What if Pederson had never played here
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Is our reluctance to accept Pederson based primarily on him being our hated QB in 1999? Why does he have to call plays? He has to be a CEO and a solid game day manager.

Maybe Jaws is hoping to land a job with the team, but this sounds like the search was much different than I've been reading it was. It also sounds like Jaws thinks Shurmur will be OC:
Jaworski said none of the candidates he spoke with indicated any hesitation about working with Roseman, who was returned to the top of the personnel structure by Lurie, a year after Kelly insisted Roseman be limited to contracts.

Jaworski said he expects a balanced offense under Pederson. He noted that before Jamaal Charles went down, the Chiefs' run game tended more toward the perimeter, but after Charles' season-ending ACL tear in the fifth game, they went more toward power running.

Jaworski said he feels Sam Bradford fits very well with what Pederson seems likely to do - Bradford began his NFL career in Shurmur's West Coast scheme in St. Louis. It isn't clear whether Shurmur will remain as the OC under Pederson; former Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress also works for the Chiefs, and he was Pederson's quarterbacks coach in 1999.

Shurmur might be important to keeping Bradford, who can be a free agent if he isn't tagged or signed by March.

Jaworski said there might not be as much shotgun or zone read, but overall, given Shurmur's influence on Kelly's Eagles offense, the change shouldn't be wrenching for anyone. Pederson's quarterbacks probably will be allowed to audible, unlike Kelly's, Jaworski indicated.
Linc ...
I hold no ill feelings toward Doug Pederson, the QB.

Just pick a good staff, build a winner and be honest and realize that you are the fan's connection to the team everytime you speak in public.

He was a backup QB forced into a tough spot.

No problem with that.
I think most people acknowledge that Pederson was brought here not as the starting QB, but as a fill-in to avoid rushing McNabb.

Not every coach has to have Staley's resume as a player.
Pedderson didn't bother me when he was the QB here. I never viewed him as anything other than temporary.

WRT him becoming the HC, I have a case of "wait and see". He does not excite me but I do not hate it either. There really is no other way to look at it.
QUOTE (Eyrie @ Jan 17 2016, 06:22 AM) *
I think most people acknowledge that Pederson was brought here not as the starting QB, but as a fill-in to avoid rushing McNabb.

That is the only reason Pederson was brought here, and I was just fine with that. He did his job well.
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