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Full Version: Adam Gase - Tom Coughlin
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Gase could have been a good hire for the Eagles but could also turn out to be a less-than-ideal HC hire. As many good reviews as he had, Gace has some questions too. Will he be able to attract top level assistants (insert recommendation for someone like Coughlin here)? He never played the game ... not necessarily a problem, he seems to have done OK so far, but then he's been working for HCs who have played the game. Miami apparently gave him personnel control; he has final say on the roster. Could this be why he's in Miami and not Philadelphia? How would we feel if Lurie gave him that much power?

Let's say Lurie hires Coughlin. He should be able to attract top level assistants. He knows how to put an organization together and he knows how to manage a team. It would be a given that he's not a long-term hire so he would likely be developing his replacement which would effectively be the same thing as a long-term hire. He could potentially move up to a consulting position when he hands the reins to his successor. He knows the division and he knows how to win in the playoffs. He would also bring credibility to a team that may have questions in that area (think FAs).

This franchise could do a lot worse than Tom Coughlin if there's a good plan of succession.
I think Coughlin has lost it.

I've never been concerned that we were facing him as an opposing coach.

He's won two SB, true, lightning in a bottle, but he's only won playoff games with the NYG in those two years he won the SB.

Also, at 69, it's very tough to keep the mental acuity needed for in game moves and stamina needed for the 80 hour wokr weeks.

I'll pass on him.
Reality Fan
I think the Eagles were high on Gase but it went south when they wanted him to keep some coaches.....the word out last year was that he turned down the San Fran job when they tried to force Tomsula down his throat...
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