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Full Version: Hey MD Injury News
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Before you make your bets:

#1 Garcia at 70% health is in for Harrington in Detroit
#2 McNair is OUT
#3 Bulger is OUT
#4 Moss is OUT

Sea is up to -5
Was is up to -13.5
Cin is up to -1.5

I took the above three. I hate that the Sea line went up so much. Was at -3.5!!

Good luck.

Catch up w/ you after my trip to the watering hole.
I took DEN +2 (yes, PLUS two!!) vs. NYG
IND -15.5 vs. HOU
WAS -13.5 vs. SF
GB-2 vs. MIN
Sorry 'bout your luck this weekend, Mike.

I did OK. I was 4-1, only loss being GB . . . dammit. That long MIN kick cost me big.

I won w/ KC, IND, WAS, and ATL. Problem is I had GB in both of the parlays I played. Didn't cost me much unless you compare it to what I *would* have won had MIN missed that fuckin' kick. Damn. Oh well, gearing up for next week . . .
I'm sitting in that bar and they have the ticker running for the games in progress and early on I see the records of Pit and Cincy. I then realize, sadly long after I called my guy, that Cincy has a two game lead on Pit and if they win, pretty much the division is over. Right there, I knew that Pit would win. I don;t know what I was thinking.

Finished 1-2 on the day, still slightly in the black for the year.

I'll post some games I'm looking at alter in the week for any input
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