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Full Version: If Not Bradford then who??
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The way I see it, we have three options, (contingent on Bradford and the new coach of course)

We can

A. Resign Bradford for big bucks

B. Pass on Bradford, and draft a QB we can get at #10

C. Pass on Bradford, and sign a FA QB.

With option B, you know the QB will have a learning curve, but these days that curve is shorter. So we can look at what QB's drafted 13 or after recently have done in their 2nd year and assume next year will be QB growing pains.

So here are the QB's in their 2nd year in each of the last four years and their passer ratings, and the FA QB's signed or traded for that year and their ratings. Bradford's ratings also posted for that year.

2015 (QB's drafted in '14, FA's signed in '15)

Carr 91.1
Bridgewater 88.7
Manziel 79.4
Mettenberger 66.7

T. Taylor 99.4
J. McCown 93.3
Hoyer 91.4
Fitzpatrick 88.0
Keenum 87.7
Sanchez 80.7

Bradford 86.4


A. Davis 85.1
Glennon 83.3
Manuel 80.3
G. Smith 77.5

Fitzpatrick 95.3
Sanchez 88.4
J. McCown 70.5
Vick 68.3
Cassel 65.8

Bardford INJ-DNP


Foles 119.2
Wilson 101.2
T. Lewis 81.0
Weeden 70.3
Cousins 58.4

Fitzpatrick 82.0
Cassel 81.6
Campbell 76.9
Flacco 73.1
Kolb DNP

Bradford 90.9


Kaepernick 98.3
Dalton 87.4
Ponder 81.2
Gabbert 77.4

P. Manning 105.8
A. Smith 104.1
Flynn 79.9

Bradford 82.6

2016 QB FA's (Slim pickings it would seem)

Fitzpatrick 88.0 $3.25M salary '15
Cousins 101.6, 800K salary '15

Keep in mind that with almost everyone else except Bradford, we will save a huge amount of cash and cap that we can use in other places.

This gives you a feel for the types of options that are historically there for a team with FA $$ and drafting at #10.

Use the information as you wish. I figured I'd see what options we would likely have.
I can really only think of two QBs who are first round material...Jared Goff and Paxton Lynch. Cleveland will almost certainly take one of them at #2, but then it gets interesting. San Diego may or may not consider a QB at #3, but after them there is a reasonable chance the one Cleveland didn't take might fall to #13. (it would probably be Lynch)
"I think it all depends on who they hire as the coach," Breer said. "Samís been through a lot. Go back to his rookie year with Pat Shurmur, he leaves, he gets Josh McDaniels his second year, obviously things in St. Louis went sideways at the end with the last two years with him having ACL tears. He never really played a full year uninjured with the same coordinator two years in a row, and thatís going to be the case again this year unless they hire Pat Shurmur as the head coach."

QUOTE (Phits @ Jan 8 2016, 11:14 PM) *
Missanelli: "You said something that really piqued my interest. He was upset when Chip Kelly was fired? It seemed like this system shackled him from being able to audible and read defenses and things like that."

Breer: I think it was more Ö the guy has been through a lot in the last six years. I think heís comfortable with Pat Shurmur, and I think he finally felt like at the end of the year it was finally starting to click more. And itís not perfect, but Chip was willing to adapt his system to the players that were in it, and I think we started to see that near the end of the year where they were starting to learn each other to the point where the offense was starting to become Samís. So after going through that process of coming back from the knee injury and missing all the spring, and learning Chipís terminology and the system, and Chip and Pat having to fit the system to what Sam did Ö they go through all that whole process, and then, boom, now Samís going to have to go through it again probably. Thatís what it was more about.

Mid season I was ready to contribute to Bradford's bus ticket to Anchorage, but he not only did a good job progressing, he's the best option this team has to win for the next three years. That's assuming they draft a viable rookie and Rogers him with a clipboard. The best odds for Bradford's continued growth is health and Shurmur. Shurmur may also be the cheapest route to keeping him because it puts the favor in the Eagles court. Bradford wants some continuity, that's why he was upset Kelly was fired. In the Giants game, Shurmur showed what a hybrid Kelly/WCO might do for him.
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