I was reading something ... somewhere ... talking about coaching candidates, their NFL experience and how that ties to coaching networks and subsequent assistant hires. Kelly had no, zero, nada, zilch NFL experience and very limited NFL coach contacts. He didn't know who to pursue and there was likely a reluctance from potentially good assistants to work for someone they knew nothing about.

This isn't a glowing endorsement for Shurmer and Davis. I'm not down on Shurmer, but with the job Davis was doing one has to wonder why he was never replaced. We've all heard about Kelly going to all the scouting events, senior bowl, etc. We're also now hearing that even though he may have been a nice guy, he apparently wasn't known for being outgoing and personable. I wonder if he didn't get to know coaches or if other coaches didn't like his style. I wonder if he didn't fire Davis because he didn't know who to replace him with. How many of Kelly's coaches had NFL experience, and does it matter?

Consider this an argument for hiring an NFL coach who has NFL connections.