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Full Version: Donovan speaks out…
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The ~Stranger~
On his health:

No he isn’t feeling tip top, but he says the rest he got during the bye week certainly helped. Right now he said physically he is feeling as good as he has since the start of training camp.

On the timing of the bye week:

He said when he first looked at the schedule, he was hoping that the bye week would have fallen somewhere in between the next five games – Chargers, Broncos, Redskins, Cowboys, and Giants – which he feels are be going to be crucial as to how the Eagles' season turns out. Three of those games are division games; three in a row as a matter of fact.

Then he added that with the problems he and the team have been having recently, having the bye week last week turned out to be a good time for it.

He said he stayed away from the game during the bye week and feels mentally refreshed.

That was from the first segment of the show, then there was about 20 minutes of mostly fluff.

In the final segment he gave the bolts their obligatory props, and said about the Eagles that they just have to go out there and do what they know how to do, blah, blah, blah…

To be frank, this show really sucks, LOL.

I've got a feeling that his "Feeling as good as he did at the start of training camp" is going to be exposed as a lie today as he tries to scramble to the sidelines and pulls up lame again. Hernias do not get better with rest.
QUOTE (bullwinkle @ Oct 23 2005, 04:43 AM)
Hernias do not get better with rest.

True, but as he said during the NFL access interview & an article in the Inky (forget which one) confirmed, it wasn't just the hernia that was hurt & getting the other injuries healed up allows those areas to help compensate for what the injured hernia area usually performs.
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