Supposedly the Browns and Dolphins are reported to want him too. The Browns are ... well, the Browns (less cap than the Eagles and arguably a worse team) and the Dolphins are $6.4 million over the cap. Do the Eagles have enough cap space to grab a G (Alex Boone) and a WR (Kearse or Jeffery) plus sign Bradford, Thurmond and Curry? Assuming the cap goes up to $150 mil, subtract $133.5 mil for existing commitments and another $6.6 mil for rookies and that leaves only $10.5 mil.

I'm not Mikey Numbers, but that's not a lot. Potential cuts/savings: Cooper (2.9), Sanchez (3.5), Celek (5), Ryans (3.5), Kelly (.790), Bair (.725), Sturgis (.675), Hart (.546), Means (.600), Long (.450). Add $18.6 mil leaving about $29 mil. I don't know how to guesstimate restructures, but if they re-do Peters there's more savings or, if they cut him add $6.3 bringing cash to spend up to $35.4 mil.

What's it cost to pay a QB, a CB and a DE plus sign a G a WR and a backup QB?