In no particular order ...
Dirk Koetter - OC, Tampa
From Rotoworld: It's an excellent hire for a team that got left in a 2014 lurch when OC Jeff Tedford was diagnosed with a heart condition before the season began. Tedford ended up coaching zero games before being released from his contract, and inexperienced QBs coach Marcus Arroyo left much to be desired as interim play-caller. Koetter oversaw consistently explosive units during his three-year tenure in Atlanta, though the cupboard was well stocked. That's not the case in Tampa, but the Bucs do have a building-block talent in Mike Evans, and are likely to use the No. 1 overall draft pick on a signal caller. Even with a rookie quarterback, the Bucs will be a lock to improve upon their 2014 point total of 277.

Adam Gase - OC, Chicago
From MMQB: 2015 has been a 180-degree turnaround. Cutler has zero games with multiple interceptions—of the 26 quarterbacks who have made at least 10 starts, he’s the only one who can say that—and has lost the ball only 13 times (eight interceptions, five lost fumbles) in 14 starts. His passer rating of 92.8 is a career-high, despite his intended top four targets combining to miss 31 games this season due to injury. Cutler’s improved play can be traced back to a new play-caller in Chicago, a man who is about to become a hot commodity on the head-coaching market.

Hue Jackson - OC, Cincinnati
From BGN - Jackson went 8-8 with the Raiders in his sole season as a head coach. They were also 8-8 with him as an offensive coordinator in 2010. That might not seem so impressive, but consider the Raiders had a losing record every season after 2002 up until Jackson arrived. Oakland has had a losing record every season since he was fired, too.

What's especially impressive about the Oakland years is that he didn't have a ton of talent to work with. Jason Campbell was his quarterback before he got hurt and the franchise traded for Carson Palmer. Darren McFadden and Michael Bush were his leading rushers. Zach Miller, a tight end, and Darius Heyward-Bey were his leading receivers.

Sean McDermott - DC, Carolina
From MMQB: Among current head coaches, if hired, McDermott would be the only one who entered the league through the scouting department. After working as a graduate assistant at William and Mary for a season, McDermott landed a job in Philadelphia (where he would eventually supplant Jim Johnson as defensive coordinator) as a scouting administrative coordinator.

Note: We are all familiar with McD from his time here and what he's done as DC in Carolina. The positives for me are his connection to Philadelphia, his history with the organization (Howie), the possibility of retaining Shurmer as OC to have continuity in the offense and his experience in personnel. Going the GM by committee route, that last one is huge.

Greg Norman - OC, Buffalo
From CBS Sports: Roman's master plan for a while now has been to construct his offense to be significantly abnormal -- a deliberate outlier if you will -- compared to the other schemes out there. He wants defenses to react "properly" to today's aerial-predicated, spread-driven trend.

Roman's goal is to have an offense for which defenses aren't prepared.

Note: Especially if that guy from SF comes here. My question is why I don't see him mentioned on any of the lists of usual suspects.