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Full Version: This will shock you draftniks
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What if I told you that a loss on Sunday as opposed to a win Sunday is extremely valuable in draft assets.

How valuable?

If we win and draft 15th instead of 11, it would cost us the following in draft trades to reverse that and trade picks to move up to where we would be in each round, if we had lost:

one mid 3rd round pick
one low 4th round pick
one high 6th round pick
one high 7th round pick
three low 7th round picks

moving from 15th to 11th in the 1st round = 200 draft value points = value of the 78th pick (mid 3rd)
moving from 47th to 43rd in the 2nd round = 40 DVP = DVP of the 131st pick (low 4th)
moving from 79th to 75th in the 3rd round = 20 DVP = DVP of the 182nd pick (high 6th)
moving from 114th to 110th in the 4th round = 8 DVP = DVP of the 222nd pick (high 7th)
moving in the 5th, 6th and 7th are all low 7th round pick values.

To the extent that teams value this, at least the top four rounds as in those rounds it makes a difference in that your guy may not be there, a mid 3rd, a low 4th a high 6th and a high 7th is nothing to sneeze at.

Or if you think another way, do you lose and then trade down for 11 to 15 etc and pick up all these extra picks?

Yes I am talking draft on New Years Day.

Who woulda thunk it?

This is a meaningless game as far as W-L standing and playoffs. We don't want any injuries and we want the best for the Eagles beginning January 4, 2016. I'm not sure I buy the argument that losing could adversely affect players, especially because we already know there will be a new sheriff in town.

Getting as high a pick as possible is important for the team because of position and because of the value. #11 comes around and some team is hot for a player who may not last, your table says the Eagles could add another third rounder. They don't have a second rounder so that's an important option if they see a player they covet who they can get a few spots later.
When you factor in that we don't have a second round pick this year, a loss has even more draft value.

I just wish we were playing someone other than a division rival when we need to lose.
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