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Full Version: 6 01/01/16 Musings
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Most coaches around the league and pundits seem to think Kelly's firing was stupid. The players seem to be split.

Who are the confidants Jeff consulted with before firing Chip? Hopefully other than Howie.

Something tells me Chip would have been a better hire as an OC to give him time to learn the NFL and acclimate to the differences from college. Something tells me that would never have happened.

Lurie inherited Richie the K and hired Rhodes, Reid and Kelly in 20+ years. Even though he's batting .333, both Ray and Chip were considered to be good hires at the time ... close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

A Giants win will hurt, help and hurt. I'd hate watching the last game as a L to a division rival we've sort of owned but the higher draft position is a plus, but a trip to London sucks.

I'm not able to reconcile how I feel about QB. Keep an improving, possibly elite player who has had two ACLs, hope for Kaepernick and a coach who will revive him or believe there's an unrealized stud who drops to us in the draft. I don't really like the last or RGIII.
I am fine with the move, although sad if it means the end of this style of offense.

However, it absolutely amazes me how many of the guys in the media and ex players who are somewhat connected, say that this was the right thing to do.

It must be 85-15% for the firing.

Among the fans, I am shocked by the overwhelming support for the firing.

I would have thought it was maybe 40% for a firing before it happened. Not that fans are always right, but listening on the radio, it appear to be over 90% approval.

That shocked me a little.
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