Chip brought in quite a few Oregon Ducks. Which of the ducks stay in the coop and which ones get the ax?

Josh Huff. Will the new coach have patience with his inconsistency? I say his play as kick returner, occasional nice play at WR plus overall team weakness at WR enables him to stay. Stays.

Kiko Alonso. I assume his salary is not big but if they switch to a 4-3, do they need him, especially with his lack of size and the emergence of Hicks? Goes.

Brandon Bair. At 6-7 he has been good for batting down passes but does he fit if they switch to 4-3? Stays.

Taylor Hart. Has not shown much. Does he fit if they switch to 4-3? Goes.

W Thurmond. I think he's a keeper but if they go to a 4-3, might they want one strong safety to help in the run game rather than keep two FS. Stays.