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Full Version: Advice For Titans Fans on Chip Kelly
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Hello Eagles Fans,

The firing of Chip Kelly got a lot of attention in Nashville given the Marcus Mariota connection (Even though Mariota's best years at Oregon happened after Kelly left). Many in the national media see the Titans front office (who do not know their ass from a hole in the ground) as wanting Chip Kelly. Colin Cowherd wacko.gif has been going on and on about how the Titans should hire Chip.

What do you guys think? Is Chip Kelly a good fit for the Titans? What went wrong with Chip in Philadelphia? Would he be good if he did not have the GM role as well as HC?

For those interested there has been a lot of Chip Kelly debate on the biggest Titans forum:

Most Titans fans do not want him as head coach. Almost every does not want him as Head Coach and General Manager. Even many of the Oregon fans who joined our small fan base are luke warm on the idea of Chip coming to Tennessee.

FTR I am one of them most outspoken against the Titans hiring Chip Kelly in any capacity. I always thought the Eagles hiring him was strange as he did not even have that much big time college experience. I also think it would be bad for Mariota's development if Chip Kelly became head coach. Mariota needs to learn to be an NFL QB. Not to go back to doing everything he did in college.
The ideal scenario would be to hire him as the offensive co-ordinator, although he wouldn't accept such a demotion unless he's desperate to stay in the NFL.

I'd be wary about him as a head coach given that a major part of the problem here was the distance that he kept from the players.

And there is no way in hell I'd recommend him as GM and HC, even to one of our division rivals.
I voted yes only as head coach, with one huge caveat.

I sit down and I go over extensively the moves he made and what he deemed went wrong in Phila, and waht regrets if any he has.

If there are no regrets, don't hire him.

If he has regrets, ask him what he would do differently and why/how.

Reality Fan
I would follow Belichick's advice and hire him as the HC......I doubt the bruise to his ego will allow him to even think of wanting to be the GM.....

Absolutely hire him as the HC. Hire a GM who is like minded, but is focused exclusively on personnel. Coaches can't handle both roles.

Really hope to see this happen for both Chip and Marcus.
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