It has seemed that Bradford has been under some pressure as of late compared to normal expectations. He took a few shots in the ARI game and a little bit in the BUF game.

How much pressure this year vs. previous Chip years?

I looked up three stats for the last three years; Sacks, QB Hits and Rushing YPC:

21 sacks, 16th fewest in the NFL (middle of the road)
83 QB hits, 19th fewest in the NFL (lower middle)
3.9 ypc, 22nd best in NFL (lower middle) Although I might add, giving Murray the most carries definitely skews this a lot.

32 sacks, 15th fewest
64 QB hits, 7th best
4.2 YPC, 14th best

46 sacks, 25th fewest
79 QB hits, 15th fewest
5.1 YPC, BEST in the NFL (as Archie and Edith would say, "Those were the days!")

What is market value for Bradford?

Here are four recent QB deals:

M. Stafford, 3 yrs, 53M, 17.7M average, 41.5 guaranteed
J. Cutler, 7 years, 126.7M, 18.1M avg, 54M guaranteed
R. Tannehill, 4 years, 77M, 19.2M avg, 45M guaranteed
M. Ryan, 5 years, 103M, 20.7M avg, 41.5M guaranteed.

And for comparison:

QB franchise tag amount 2015 = 18.5M, fully guaranteed
QB franchise tag amount projected 2016 = $25.1M, fully guaranteed

You can see that, unless renegotiated, some of the top 5 QB's '16 cap hits are very high. It's likely that a few get renegotiated, which could bring the 25M down a bit, maybe to the lower 20M's?

Sanchez, 1 yr, 4.5M base, plus max of 2.85M incentives for playing time and playoffs, 4.5M guaranteed if on roster.

I was reminded of this eerily familiar situation by R. Diddy on Phila Sports Talk the other day.

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011. The 7-8 Rams, with Shurmer as OC and Bradford as QB, travel to the 6-9 Seahawks led by that future HOF QB Charlie Whitehurst, with the winner "earning" the right to host a 1st round playoff game by winning a dreadful division. The Rams offensive output was 184 yards in a 16-6 defeat, and Bradford's line was 19-36, 155 yds, 0 TD, 1 INT.

The Seahawks did win the next week against a heavily favored NO saints team by a score of 41-36 before having Cinderella called home the following week in a loss at Chicago.

We need to hope both Shurmer and Bradford come up way bigger than that this year.