This is a nice read about JP. I'm so happy Buffalo didn't want to pay him and I wonder why there aren't more #71 jerseys running around. Whenever it happens, we're going to miss this guy.
"His thing is, guys like me, he wants to kick my ass," said Curry. "I’m his boy but you’re getting these new rushes, new type of talent, new get-offs. I mean, think about the eras he’s been through. He’s been through the Jared Allen's, he’s been the Julius Peppers', he’s been through the Osi Umenyiora’s. He’s been through all the eras, the top guys. Last year, J.J. Watt had to come inside. Yeah, get out of here. That’s him. That fuels him. Those [joint] practices against the Ravens? You guys weren’t able to see it but damn, the way he throws people and that type of stuff? He takes pride in his work.”

Peters contends that he hasn't spent much time contemplating how much time he has left or his Hall of Fame prospects, but it does sounds like he has thought about the legacy that he is hoping to leave behind.
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