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Full Version: Attendance winning streaks
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Reality Fan
I used to attend a lot of games but in recent years it has calmed down to 1 preseason and 1-2 regular season games.

I hate to even mention it but I was curious......the Eagles have won the last 9 games I have gone to(regular season).....anyone else have a similar experience?
I have a 100% winning record when attending games.

Admittedly that was one game against Carolina in 2004, but it still gives me a perfect record!
2-0 regular season but 0-1 preseason
Think I've gone 3-0 at home. I witnessed the beatdown we took in Baltimore in 2008.

Living in Texas, it's been a long while though.
The Franchise
I started out gangbusters, managing to get lucky with games I picked during some really crappy years in the 90's. I'm on a 3 game losing streak though, and haven't gone to a game in a few years. I'm like 18-7 or some shit, not a bad record.
A while back, me record was horrendous.

I saw just about every Buddy Era beat down we got from every sad NFL team that we didn't sell out at home, thus me and my brother in laws had to trek down there to see them live.

I think at one time I was like 1-10.

Luck's changed a little since then.

I think I'm on a 3-6 roll the last few years!!

I'll refrain from going to take one for the team.
I was (un)fortunate enough to live in North Jersey (about 10 minutes from the Meadowlands) for about 10 years. A buddy had season tix to the Giants and Jets. He gave me his tix whenever the Eagles were in town (preseason against the Jets every other year, Giants once a year and the Jets every few years). I don't remember our exact record but I know we won almost all of those games.

I was also at the Eagles-Rams playoff game many moons ago (was it New Years Eve?) when we gave up the early long TD pass and we lost something like 21-7.

I did make it to the NFC Championship game against the Falcons. Most incredible sporting event I've ever been to. The Linc was rocking. Lost my voice at that one.

Not long after that I moved to FL so I saw them here in Jacksonville in preseason a couple of seasons ago (win, whatever that means). Then, this season, I went to Atlanta for their first game (still pissed at them for that one) and I made it up for the Giants game a few weeks ago (win).

So, I don't know what their exact record is but it's pretty good. Too bad I can't afford the time to go to more games. wink.gif
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