If I gave you only these stats, at which point do you think the Eagles won the game

1. Offensive Points Eagles 14, Patriots 28
2. Offensive Yards - Eagles 248, Patriots 427
3. Passing Yards - Eagles 120, Patriots 324
4. Rushing Yards - Eagles 128, Patriots 103
5. Yards/Carry - Eagles 3.9, Patriots 4.1
6. Penalties and Yards - Eagles 8 for 97 yds, Patriots 3 for 30 yds
7. Patriots lead game 14-0 after first 28 minutes
8. Sacks Allowed - Eagles 1, Patriots 4
9. Turnovers - Eagles 1, Patriots 3
10. ST/DEF TD's - Eagles 3, Patriots 0

It isn't until you get to # 9 that you think there is even a remote chance we won this game.

Of course #10 seals the deal.

Great game by the ST's and great run back of the INT by the D. We were way below expected production on ST's and it changed in a big way today.

I was most pleased that we played the two better RB's today. We also deactivated Austin. It seems maybe the longer break made Chip realize that we have to play the best players. There is only so long you can watch Murray run, while anyone else we bring in does better with the same supporting staff. I see this Krause guy and it's good to see. Wish we had my man Rasheed, but at least he made changes.

I also liked how he used Sproles as a RB, instead of the predictable pass only change of pace.

That 3rd and 11 play late in the game to Cooper was a great play. Great awareness and hustle by Peters to come back and save Bradford from getting creamed, great job by Bradford stepping up into pressure to make the accurate throw and nice route by Cooper. That was the game.

The team played inspired football. The did't quit down 14 and played gritty and tough. It was great to see.

Let's enjoy this.

The players and fans deserve it.