Catching up on some reading after the three day cool off period.

Seems like a few are talking out.

A win will solve some of this.

When talking about his defensive unit, Malcolm Jenkins emphasized that Chip Kelly had nothing to do with their implosion. The safety did, however, relent and say Kelly is responsible when the offense plays poorly.

"When it comes down to the offense, Chip is the face of that," Jenkins said, "so we can let him wear that hat."



"I guess they saw stuff on film that weíve probably given away. It just seemed like they were in the perfect place for every coverage we called. Those things happen sometimes; sometimes teams just call a good game and thereís nothing you can do about it.Ē


The Lions have two good receivers in Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate, so will the Eagles again put Biggers in the slot instead of Jenkins?

"I hope not, because I think thatís where Iím most productive," Jenkins said, "but moving forward itís really up to the coaches."


During the Eaglesí 45-17 loss against the Buccaneers on Sunday, Lane Johnson heard the boos and criticisms from fans at The Linc. When asked about it today after practice, he said fans donít give the Eagles much of a home field advantage.

ďIf we get down by any significant amount of points or we donít make any first downs, weíre going to get booed,Ē Johnson told Birds 24/7. ďThatís just kind of how it is. Itís not really home field advantage playing here anymore. Really, thatís the truth. Cats here, they really donít care.Ē


Johnson said players can't respond because it's a losing battle, but added that it doesn't bother him much anymore.

"I've heard it so much since I've been here that it don't really phase me like it used to," he told Birds 24/7. "When I first got here though, I was like 'Holy sh-t.'"


An anonymous Eagles player questioned DeMarco Murray's effort in the Eagles' loss to Miami in Week 10, writes the Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane.

It was third and 1, and DeMarco Murray got the handoff. He turned the corner and appeared to have the first down. But rather than finish off his run, he saw 185-pound cornerback Brice McCain coming at him, and he slid to the ground just barely beyond the first-down marker.

Millions watched it on TV and thousands saw it in person at Lincoln Financial Field, but the people it should matter to most were Murray's teammates. And at least one, when asked on Sunday whether he thought the Eagles were giving it their all, noticed.

"Well, when you see DeMarco sliding before getting hit, you tell me. Was that giving full effort?" said an Eagles player who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "You see that [stuff], and it makes you wonder."


What kind of questions do you think have been raised?

"How can we change up anything from our scheme offensively, kind of put ourselves in the best positions to get things done?" said Johnson.

The players were generally supportive but not overly protective of their head coach in the locker room (which also describes Kelly's approach to them this season). When it comes to both Kelly and roster he's assembled, there's little to justifiably defend and much to question.

"It just sucks because we had a lot of success before and this year was supposed to be the year where we make a big leap, and just not having that being done, it sucks," said Johnson. "I don't even know what to tell you. We're all in the same boat with him."


Note these snap counts at RB:

Murray 30
Sproles 29
Barner 12

Seems like a switch to the Murray commitment. Let's hope all players play according to their production.