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Full Version: Lions Discussion?
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Do the Eagles have much of a chance at Detroit, especially with the injuries and short week?

One hope is that they were looking past Tampa somewhat hoping that they could win on talent and home field advantage. Maybe the coaches were preparing somewhat for the Lions as well as Tampa

Supposedly Detroit has looked somewhat better in recent weeks.

I don't see how anyone could pick the Eagles, especially after Sanchez' performance.
They have two of their best five offensive players out:

Mathews and Ertz

And another one of their best, Peters, questionable.

Kelce wouldn't be a loss if we had any depth but we have a guy named Andrews who never played, so it probably is a drop off if Kelce can't play. Who will snap the ball over the QB's head? Who will get the holding penalties? Big shoes to fill.

I'd like to believe that this team has the guts to go into a bad team's stadium and win a tough game. I just started listening to sports talk tonight and it seems like a bunch of shit has happened this week. Doesn't bode well for team unity or guts.

We got a MLB we traded for having one tackle in 42 running plays, almost all up the gut. SOFT

We got the $65M dollar man jogging around the field, dogging it and to our credit, getting the shit booed out of him. SOFT

We got a coach who takes no responsibility, I'm sure that inspires a bunker mentality with the troops.

Murray sneaking out the side door rather than facing the music.

Lane tweeting like a girl whose boyfriend dumped him.

I'd like to believe we had the coaching or leadership to pull out a win. DET normally steps it up on Turkey Day. I find it unfathomable that we would be bad enough to lose at home to MIA and TB and on the road to a bad DET team in two and a half weeks.

I'm seeing a 7 point DET win.

And just to put some salt in the wounds, DAL giving CAR their first loss.

If the players thought it was bad last week...................................................

Man I hope I am sooooo wrong. If for no other reason, just for the consolation that while things are bad, they're not bottom of the NFL bad.
I wish I could say you are terribly wrong, but I can't find fault with anything you wrote.

Hopefully Alonzo and Kelce have been banged up and not 100%. Their performance has been too different than what they have done in the past.

Andy R was the complete opposite of this staff. Andy usually took all of the blame, at least in some general way--"we need to put them in a better position to succeed". I like Andy's approach on this. He can then rip the team in private while leaving the players with the feel that he has their back in public.
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