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The tailgate game, I forgot to bring my investment advisor's number and didn't call them in. Since then, I've been too busy to analyse the lines and IU hate betting without putting in some numbers research (hard to believe for me, I know).

This weeks hopeful gems:

ND +13 vs. USC

Car PK @ Det
Chi -3 vs. Min
TB -3.5 vs. Mia

Layed a little more on the ND game than the other three.
I haven't placed any so far this week, but the funny thing about last week . . .

I won on NE vs. ATL (a +115 payout) lost PHI-3 vs. DAL mad.gif and lost the parlay of the two.

Then put a throwaway bet on PIT to win straight up parlayed with the "under." I *thought* I had the under at 43.5, so I went to bed thinking I had lost. But I actually had it at 46.5, which I didn't realize until, like . . . Wednesday. So I won that one after all and I'm back to even going into my 2nd week of betting.

Have PSU to win straight up this afternoon, I don't know diddly about college football so it's not much $$. Will play a little more tomorrow afternoon and I'll let y'all know what I pick.

I like your CAR and TB picks, not so sure about CHI -3.
PSU ties it up w/ 12 minutes remaining . . . 10-10. FUN!

Ooooops! Spoke too soon -- 18-10 PSU now, Michigan QB had the ball stripped and PSU ran it in for the TD. Then they botched the snap and the holder runs it in for the 2 pt conversion. Wow, did this game ever turn around quickly!! At the end of the 3rd quarter PSU had to settle for a FG to stay in the game at 10-3.
Fuck. 27-25 Michigan. On the last play with one second left.

My Sunday (1pm) plays:

NYG +3
CAR -1.5 (damn, I didn't get the "pick-em" like you got)
PIT -3

Then I parlayed the three for the fun of it.

I decided to stay away from TB/MIA b/c of the unknown effect Williams' return might have.

Depending on how the 1pm games are going, I might drop a couple of dollars on DEN -3 over NE, or SD -1.5 over Oakland.

I was *really* tempted to take KC-5.5 over WAS, but . . . couldn't pull the trigger on that one.
I think Ward and Rothlesberger may both be out for Pit. I thought I read that some where.
They are, it is a stroke of luck for that team that Rothlisberger isn't out for the season.

It did not look pretty Monday night.
Damn Mikey -- you got all 4!!! Congrats!

I'm 0-4-1, if you count PSU yesterday. Jeez.

Carolina . . . that -1.5 screwed me. PIT choked and lost in OT on an INT return for TD . . . Maddox fumbled when they were in FG range to win the game, that woulda given me a push, but NO . . . got a push on the Giants game, mercifully . . .

I redeemed myself on the late games. Won Den -3, SD -1, and a combo of the two. Now I'm back to where I was before I made any bets in week 5 . . . actually $2.52 in the black. hehe
Thanks MD, I'd take the high road and not brag, but I don't travel the high road as much as I'd like to in sports betting. 4-0 is all too rare. I win more than I lose, usually, but with the vig added in, I'm prolly slightly ahead over the years, slightly. Humility has left the building. biggrin.gif

So here goes................

Yeah thats right Mikey Numbers 4-0,
You're damn right,
Never a doubt,
Call right now for my five star pick for Monday Nite's game.
I'm now 240-0 in this rare five star pick over the last decade.

Mr Monday Nite
Mr. Monday Nite.

jumpclap.gif jumpclap.gif jumpclap.gif jumpclap.gif jumpclap.gif jumpclap.gif
lol -- let's hear it then!! I'm thinkin' of taking Indy even giving away 13-14 points. I don't think I can stomach the "over" tho . . . set at 51 last I looked.
So how's that hot Monday night tip workin' out for ya Mike? Thanks for sharing with the class, by the way. mad.gif
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