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Full Version: I hope Jordan Hicks is okay...
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That guy is special.
No doubt. I am concerned. I am fearing a muscle tear. There was a lot of stretch and over extension in the chest\shoulder area. Torn Pec?
Reality Fan
little worried about that
Really worried too, looked like it could've been a tear of something the way his arm stretched out and how he held it. Kid is gonna really be something.
Yeah my fear is pec tear. He is fucking awesome. Chip certainly has his share of questionable personnel decisions, but that dude is a legit playmaker.
QUOTE (Pila @ Nov 9 2015, 12:06 AM) *
That guy is special.

He's a player, that's for sure. Chipper definitely got that pick right.
Reality Fan
after watching him afterward it looks like he grabbed at his ribs.....if it is a separated rib he may be ok next week....depends on how bad......hurts like a bitch but not as long lasting as broken or cracked rib......considering how he was moving after the game it seems like it is not too serious....fingers are crossed..
MRI today to confirm, but hopefully 3-4 weeks
Torn pec. Headed to IR per Jay Glazer. Fuck.
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