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Full Version: Curious if anyone else felt this way while watching the game
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So we didn't go out for the game and me and my two sons were at home watching the game.

Didn't get too down when we gave up an early TD.

I was cautiously encouraged by Bradford's stepping into his throws and his running with the ball a little.

But here is the play that "set me off".

Mathews breaks through the line and cuts left and he has some running room and starts to fly down the field for what would be a 60+ yd TD run.

Most people I know, and admittedly most sane Eagles fans would be yelling "go go go" or something to that effect.

While I was definitely happy about his run, I proceed to go into tirade mode during his run (waking my wife up who had early work but that's another story), yelling at my TV while he is gaining gobs of yards flying down the field, yelling, before he scores:

"Take him out Chip. Sit him down. We don't need a guy who can run the ball like that in this offense. Put Murray back in" You gotta justify!!

If not for me being in the presence of my boys, I would have ended the tirade with a "you asshole". This is during a good part of the game. I really don't yell much at the other part of the game. I am normally pleading for Bradford to do well, thinking that I can somehow contribute to him doing better.

But the Mathews thing just set me off.

I can't stand it in sports or in work when people try endlessly to back a mistake and it brings the team/company down. There's no excuse for it.

So then, I sit there and stew each series while Mathews doesn't go back in. That series inside the 20 when he is out, I'm about to throw my beer at the TV. I try not to complain too much about it because I don't want to harp. But inside, i'm burning up.

Flash back a few weeks ago. When the two NO DB's play Keystone Kopps and run into each other and it result in Huff going in for a score, I'm about to go crazy when he does a flip before crossing the plane of the goal line. Just about to yell and then my son starts yelling at him for his idiocy. "Who the hell does he think he is? Act like you belong there etc" (Proud moment!)

I look forward so much to the games each week, but I find with each year, my tolerance level decreases exponentially. It was like that with Andy when he never provided McNabb with a running game nor a viable play action compliment. It was so clear to me that it was such a deterrent to us winning the big one. It is now with Chip with the off season moves where you create needs, with the playing time doled out to protect those moves that I find myself at wits end.

Hopefully the bye week will ease the pain, but I don't see things changing.

Anyone else have similar feelings?

It may be time to take up scrap booking.

No. Most coaches have suitcases filled with smoke and mirrors, but I believe Chip is doing things for a reason that maybe you're not seeing. I don't know what it is, maybe it's a matter of giving Murray the carries because he needs to grow into this offense more than Mathews ... ??? As an avowed DKD I have an advantage, I KNOW I don't know more, as much or a little of what the coaches do so it takes much more for me to go into tirades. I do, most every game but over things like Murray taking runs outside instead of off tackle where he's more effective or receivers dropping passes that plead to be held in their warm, waiting hands.
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