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Full Version: Ryan Matthews
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D Rock
The sample size is large enough now...

He's CLEARLY the better back.

Fuck Murray. Fuck Sproles as a 1st or 2nd dwn back.

Why the hell Matthews got fewer touches than either is a joke.

Get a clue Duce..
Mathews is just that little bit quicker to the hole whilst Murray seems to be hesitant.

I'd go with Mathews from here.
I actually think Murray is doing a really nice job on the short yardage stuff. But if there are more than 3 yards needed, Mathews should be on the field.

I'd be completely happy with that setup. 1st and 2nd and more than 3, use Matthews. 2nd and 3rd with 3 or less, use Murray. 3rd and 3 or longer, use Sproles.
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