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Full Version: All right peple, here's another possibility
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Chip stays with Bradford this season and he slowly comes along (not so sure this will happen) and he starts to show promise. But if it does, I think his slow start here will affect his ability to get another big contract, at least an out of this world one. It could make it easier to resign him if he gets beyond the mistakes he is currently making of course.
Unless Bradford lights it up this season and we win a SB, he's not getting a big contract anywhere.

If he is a viable long-term starter, which I'm highly doubting, we will be able to sign him at very reasonable numbers. If he can't thrive here, he's not going to do so anywhere.
Teams are desperate for QBs. Some team, somewhere will line his pockets if he so much as wins a Wild Card game.
As long as Bradford's been in the NFL, I would think it would take more than showing promise by the end of the year for him to hang around.
Denver will pay huge piles of money for Bradford to replace Manning.

I don't know anything really.........
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