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Full Version: McNabb Will Rebound With a Record Year
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I have almost an "all-Eagles" team in my fantasy football league. This week will be a tough one for me to win. I was reading an article on whether or not fantasy owners should trade McNabb. Following is some of his reply. I thought y'all would find the defensive rankings we'll be facing very interesting...

Link to story

"The second reason to hold onto the veteran is the ease of the Eagles' schedule: In their final 10 regular-season games they face the San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins (2), Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, N.Y. Giants, St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals.

"Out of those 10 opponents, only the Redskins (No. 6) and Cardinals (No. 12) rank in the top 16 in the league in pass defense. What's more, the Chargers, Broncos, Giants and Rams are all ranked 25th or worse against the pass. In the ever-important Fantasy Football postseason (Week 13-16), he faces the vulnerable Giants, Rams and Cardinals. His second and final start against the most formidable defense on the list, the Redskins, comes in Week 17 when most Fantasy championships have already been decided.

"The third reason McNabb should not be dealt is the presence of WR Terrell Owens. Since the Eagles acquired the talented wide receiver, McNabb has thrown for an average of 267 yards and two touchdowns in 20 regular-season starts. He has also had eight 300-yard games with Owens in the offense -- he had three in 42 starts without him from 2001-03.

"The fourth and final reason is simple: McNabb is on pace to demolish his previous career best across the board (he would throw for 4,685 yards and 35 touchdowns at his current rate) and should do so with such a favorable schedule.

"Injuries are a concern for all NFL athletes -- there might not be one who claims to be 100 percent at this point in the season -- and the fact that McNabb's injuries have been made a little more public due to his stature shouldn't cause owners to panic. The bottom line is that McNabb is now the best of the "Big Three" quarterbacks (Peyton Manning, Daunte Culpepper) and the favorite to finish as the league's most productive signal-caller at the end of the season, so to trade him now wouldn't be a wise decision."
Bocadelphia Eagles John
from a fantasy standpoint that's probably an ok opinion.

in the real world though, Tom Brady is numero uno and doesn't rank in the writer's opinion. And in the reality world if donovan throws like he did last week i don't care how low the pass defense is ranked, it won't matter. Their secondary can sit on the sidelines and we'd still stink up the joint.

it's gonna be a week and a half before we get a glimpse of where donny is in his physical persona.

fantasy? Reality?

in fantasy, sex rules dude ... in football, reality kicks ass.

I am not a fantasy playuh, so I could only imagine how it might provide a different level of excitement for participants.

I just watch the games, eat food, drink and get pizzed at the world whenever Eagles lose. Some years past I usedta spend a lot of time pizzed off at the world for most weeks of the season !!!!

In recent years my pizzed off stance had to hold me for an entire off-season which is an equal bummer ...

go eagles .
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